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The beauty secret of Argan oil is based on its unique composition, rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols and polyphenols. It also contains significant levels of vitamin E and squalene. Argan oil does not obstruct the pores and has an amazing range of cosmetic benefits to the skin, hair and nails. These are some of the combined benefits of this amazing oil

High Vitamin E content 

Vitamin E is extremely good for the care and health of the skin. Helps in the prevention and treatment of sunburn and enhances the effectiveness of sunscreens. Moreover, Vitamin E is also related to the prevention and treatment of scars while healing damaged skin. Vitamin E is also popular to help prevent skin cancer for his role in sun protection.

Good Source of Antioxidants 

Antioxidants have anti-aging. Protect skin cells of chemicals, drugs, pollutants and ultraviolet rays that produces free radicals that attack healthy cells and cause skin damage. Antioxidants help your skin retain a youthful glow, reduce fine lines, imperfections and stretch helping to maintain hydration in the same.

Healthy source of Phytosterols 

The Phytosterols have a dual antiinflammatory and anti-irritant effect. They are perfect for scar tissue and help repair and condition both skin and hair. In addition, phytosterols improve dry skin, help repair damaged skin including marks and keloids. It also has components such as stigmasterol that helps illuminate the skin and prevent some types of skin cancer.

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

In addition to being large moisturizers, unsaturated fatty acids are perfect for the skin. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even have an anti-aging effect. Unsaturated fatty acids do wonders for helping your hair instantly, softening and helping to prevent split ends. These acids also reduce pain and stiffness of the joints.

Has Essential Components to Help Restore Skin

Argan oil ZAD cleans and restores all types of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne, wrinkles and other skin problems.

Properties of Argan oil 


Argan oil is one of the richest oils in unsaturated fatty acids.
These last ones are introduced into the phospholipids membrane, hydrate the skin and nourish it. Indeed, argan oil is emollient and its action is clearly distinguishable from a classic emollient..

Thanks to its high content of linoleic acid, argan oil has revitalizing properties. Its moisturizing and restorative effect has been scientifically confirmed.


The deficiency in essential fatty acids, inevitable with age, causing a cutaneous aging which leads to dryness and loss of skin elasticity, favoring the appearance of wrinkles. The correction of the deficiency in EFA using argan oil can delay skin aging.

According to nutritionists work, these fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, etc.). would be biological precursors of a hormone intracellular prostaglandins. These last ones are key regulatory molecules in different cellular systems, in particular in all membranous exchanges.


Argan oil for hair has been used by Berber women to take care of their hair and their babies from the harsh desert climate, which is why laboratories have sought to know the why of their property, however the people who have used it have been conform with the goodness that gives to their hair, this is because the argan oil contains multiple compounds that are mostly antioxidants, which regenerate tissues including skin, hair and nails.

Argan oil moisturizes the hair from root to tip, repair split ends, the moisturizing effects on the scalp leather, noticeable to combat and prevent dandruff, hair loss and some diseases such as seborrhea and minor infections, providing a spectacular health and appearance. 

Anti-Stain Treatment

Argan oil is a powerful anti-wrinkle, protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Its regenerative power of the skin makes it a good remedy to avoid the malaise produced from sunburn, it is also a good remedy for acne, psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

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