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In order to guarantee a product with the best quality , We begin by identifying the best raw material by locating the best Argan trees (Azhagnar) that grow in the wild, and then trusting in the expertise of Berber women to give us Argan oil in its finest form. 

The next step would be to store the Argan kernels in a protected area before proceeding to the extraction of the Oil, which is established according to the needs of the product and taking into account its ideal conditions of conservation and validity. The process of extraction of the Oil for Cosmetic use is carried out in absence of light and according to a rigorous temperature control, which should never exceed 45o, so as not to deteriorate its cosmetic components. After extraction, Argan Oil must remain in settling and filtration to achieve its perfect commercial quality in terms of composition, consistency and appearance.

After this process, a thorough quality control – physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes - are carried out to obtain the organic certification of the lot in question.

All batches we produce are tested and receive a Certified organic by USDA Organic (the most demanding and prestigious certification), as well as the European certificate for organic agriculture. Only then Argan Oil is ready to be cautiously stored in total obscurity for the analytical preservation of its high quality in 300-liter stainless steel cylinders before being packaged and distributed by our distributers.

Its subsequent bottling also ensures its quality, through the use of bottles desined with custom prints around the bottles, which filter the sunlight in order to protect the essential qualities of the product.  When it comes to the extraction of argan oil For culinary uses, two very different processes can be used: the first process is done through "industrial mechanical pressure", which is used by large companies, and the second process is through "manual and traditional pressure" practiced by Berber women's cooperatives which represent The first women's cooperatives in Morocco. 

As pointed out by the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), each method has an absolutely different impact on, both, the people working in production and, the whole social structure and the sustainability of the Argan Forests. Berber women are experts in the artisanal production of Argan oil. Therefore, ZAD argan oil is produced exclusively by these women, who carry out all the production work manually in the Cooperatives. The process begins with the collection of the fruit and its placement in terraces, in typical mud houses, to dry it out.

Then the nut is extracted and then opened by crushing it between two stones, to obtain the seeds, from which the argan oil comes from. During this process a sorting is done, to eliminate all the damaged fruits and seeds, because its use in this process would cause the composition and flavor of the final product to change. The next step is the removal of the thin protective skin of the seeds, and the slight toasting thereof, thus giving the seeds the characteristics that are fundamental to their typical nut flavor. With the seeds previously prepared, the milling process is carried out, where they are processed in a traditional way, that is, in traditional Moroccan stone mills.

This grinding process produces a creamy paste, which is then added to small amounts of boiling water. And so, after 30 minutes of continuous mixing, the precious oil of argan separates from the rest of the mass.

In the manufacture of argan oil, taking into account the entire manual Crushing and grinding, it takes a day and a half to produce about 1 liter of argan oil. That in comparison with the production of olive oil, where only 5 to 10 kilograms of olives and much less time of production are required, to obtain the same liter of olive oil, the difference is significant.

Experts estimate that the annual production of argan oil does not exceed 3 to 4 million liters, a very small amount compared to the 2800 million liters of olive oil sold annually. Explaining the high price of traditional extraction of argan oil, and the high value that this product has been gaining.

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