Argan oil as a treatment for all types of Psoriasis

Itchy, painful, red and silver scales make up psoriasis, an immune deficiency that causes a great deal of stress for all who suffer through this condition. It is often a lifelong skin disease that causes outbreaks of embarrassing scales on the skin.

Patients often feel helpless because the medications prescribed to them by their doctors don’t always work. Pure argan oil is a natural treatment solution for the skin patches related to psoriasis. The product is effective, easy-to-use and it doesn’t pose a risk of side effects.

Causes of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is caused by an acceleration of skin cell turnover. Normally, skin cells form in the dermis, or lower level of the skin, and then shed at the upper layer (epidermis). However, if you have psoriasis, the process takes significantly less time—sometimes skin cell turnover occurs in less than one week.

As a result, dead skin cells accumulate on the epidermis, eventually creating several layers. New skin cells don’t have anywhere to go, so they can start to itch and hurt overtime.

This skin condition is attributed to a problem with the immune system, and it is often hereditary. Psoriasis is usually marked by flare-ups, in which skin patches can occur on any part of the body all at the same time.

Types of Psoriasis

The five types of psoriasis include:

Erythrodermic psoriasis

Although not the most common type of psoriasis, is one of the most serious because increases in blood flows can strain the heart. This condition is marked by large patches that cover most or all of the body at once.

Guttate psoriasis 

Develops small pinkish-red patches over large areas of the body. Some of the most common areas include the arms and legs.

Inverse psoriasis 

Occurs within the folds of the skin, such as the armpits and underneath breasts. It is further irritated by sweat and friction.

Plaque psoriasis 

Is the most common type of psoriasis. The patches are large, and often oval-shaped. Not only do they itch, but they are also quite painful. Plaque-type psoriasis can stay for years without treatment.

Pustular psoriasis 

Is the rarest form of psoriasis. Not only is it marked by redness, but it also consists of tiny fluid-filled white bumps.

Applications of Argan Oil as a Relief for Psoriasis 

There are two primary forms of psoriasis relief with pure  argan oil

First, fatty acids and carotenoids work to balance out the skin’s natural moisture levels. Dry skin can often make psoriasis worse. This is why the daily use of argan oil is so important, even if you aren’t currently experiencing an outbreak. When psoriasis is left untreated, you put yourself at risk of infection.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant naturally found in pure argan oil. This ingredient helps to reduce the inflammation caused by psoriasis. You will start to feel relief from pain and itchiness immediately after applying the product to your skin. Vitamin E also naturally decreases the redness of psoriasis, making the skin patches less noticeable.

Dangers of Chemical Treatments

Conventional treatments for psoriasis often include a combination of oral medications, topical creams and light therapy. Although such methods often promise treatment for psoriasis, they can actually exacerbate the problem. This is especially the case for topical medications because they contain chemicals that can dry out the skin patches even further. With the itchiness and pain associated with the condition, chemicals don’t often provide any real relief.

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